There’s soup and then there’s Soup It Up!

Robin Cazan’s unique approach to the popular world of soups revolves around the seasons. With an eye towards simple and a passion for local, easy to find ingredients, she guides soup lovers to soup heaven! In this book you’ll find 48 original recipes that are variations of your favorites, as well as familiar entrées transformed into superb soups.

Autumn harvest begs for soups like “chili mac”—familiar flavors of a comforting plate of chili mac served “souped-up” style. Or thanksgiving day two where you can enjoy Thanksgiving all over again in just fifteen minutes using a single pot!

Winter splendor serves up Robin’s version of french onion that will delight your tastebuds. And for a quick soup full of old world flavor, try tuscan meatball, stuffed pasta & spinach—it's sure to be an instant favorite.

It’s finally spring and the light and refreshing beef, baby bok choy & soba noodles will help erase the winter blues. For another unique entrée-inspired soup, try the irresistible chicken “caesar”!

Summer and garden-fresh play nice together so put together corn “caprese”, a glass of Pinot Grigio and hit the patio. Seafood lovers? Shrimp, scallops & spinach is healthy and simple to prepare any night of the week.

Craving more? Robin has also included some terrific toppings & sides, specific to soups in this book but versatile enough to enjoy with a variety of other dishes any time of the year.

Did I mention 65 beautiful color photographs and Robin’s handy tips and tricks? There’s lots here to inspire the novice or experienced cook. Of course the best part of the process is sharing the soups you’ve created with family and friends—make sure you have enough, they’ll be asking for seconds!